Eureka gear lube

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TKO is proud to be the US importer and distributor for Eureka Lube.

Used and recommended by JQ,Mark Pavidis,Chad Bradley and Ryan Mafield.

A synthetic polymer fortified lubricant for use on all remote controlled hobby equipment. A true performance product where high residual lubrication is required. 100% made in Australia.

Applications; – Drive, Transmission, Differential Gears – Titanium, Metal, Aluminum, Nylon Gears and Belts – General Assembly Lubricant – Anti-seize, Thread Lubricant

Key Benefits; – Smoother & quieter operation – Clean & easy to apply – Superior lubrication – High Anti-wear & E.P. (Extreme Pressure) properties – High water resistance – High residual lubrication

Directions; – Apply a small amount to gears…just enough to lightly coat. Remove excess.

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